Who is Spillen Ink?

We are a Professional Custom Tattoo Shop that thrives to maintain the best services in the area.

Our owners are

  • a 24 year Medical Healthcare Professional

  • and a Veteran Tattooist with a wide variety of trained tattoo skills


We believe that tattooing doesn't start and stop with the ink being put in the skin...

...it begins with the ideas of the customer being brought into our state of the art shop

which is kept cleaned and sterilized by medical standards, then executed by one of our professional artists and ends with life long friendships and customers.


Not only does Spillen Ink have one of the largest facilities in our area, we also have a state licensed tattoo unit that travels to mobile locations for bike rally’s, charity events and private functions.

Along with our tattooing we offer standard and specialized body modifications.

So if you’re looking for a new tattoo or a new body modification we are the place for you!


If that wasn't enough...

Spillen ink comes with a full line of merchandise, jewelry and apparel that can be personalized to fit your unique style.

You can contact us via